He is the author of two books, co-author of a third and co-authored three book chapters.



He is the author of Competency To Stand Trial in Intersections of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, published by ACFP Press. He has co-authored a chapter on Adjudicative Competence in Juveniles in a The Handbook of Forensic Sociology and Psychology published by Springer Press. His most recent chapter, also co-authored, is Conceptual Issues in the Ethics of Animal Maltreatment Assessment in Practice and Ethics in Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations, edited by Thomas Grisso published by Oxford University Press.


He has provided workshops in both the United States and in Canada.  He has received numerous awards and honors and has testified on behalf of the Ohio Psychological Association before the Ohio General Assembly on matters pertaining to psychological services.© Daniel L Davis PhD ABPP 2016