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A landmark for MMPI instruments, Case Studies for Interpreting the MMPI-A will serve as a vital contribution to the expanding base of successful MMPI-A applications. The authors’ comprehensive approach to teach of the 16 clinically diverse cases constitutes an interpretive model providing detailed information on the background of each case, profile validity, current level of adjustment, symptoms and traits, diagnostic and treatment recommendations, and outcome. Particular emphasis is placed on the new adolescent-specific scales developed to assess family and school problems, low self-esteem, and substance abuse.

Case Studies will certainly be of value to those who have experience in MMPI interpretation with adolescents, and the background provided on the development of MMPI-A will make the book a very useful resource to those new to the MMPI-A as well. 

From the foreword: 

Much more than a collection of clinical cases, Case Studies for Interpreting the MMPI-A is and instructional resource for professionals working with adolescents and for child-clinical graduate students that provides clear interpretive guidelines and effective strategy for understanding adolescents through the use of the MMPI-A. 

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